Season 4

Welcome to “Culinary High TV”! After a two year hiatus, Season 4 of our exciting webseries is heading your way soon. Stay tuned for introductions to our new cast members…James, Jazarie, Moises and Jaylinn. These four dynamic teens are ready, determined and driven to make it in the ever-changing, challenging field of culinary arts. You will be rooting for them in the kitchens and in their own Lives.


“Culinary High TV” follows the journey of aspiring, at-risk teen chefs as they try to get and keep their Lives on track through the discipline needed to succeed in the culinary field. Each episode they will share with us a bit more of their backstories. And every episode we will be in a different kitchen with a different chef cooking different dishes. As our motto says, “You never know where we’ll be cooking next!”
Or what! Or with whom!


You will learn new recipes right along with our teen chefs. And the best thing is because it’s on the web, you can watch and watch again any time, 24 hours a day! And if the executive chef will share his/her secret recipe, we’ll share it with you.


“Culinary High TV”…we’re a unique cooking experience with a dash of travel and a cup of community caring all blended together for a taste good and feel good 30 minute gourmet treat. Sweet or salty, buttery or savory, baked, fried, boiled or grilled…you’re sure to see it all right here on Season 4 of “Culinary High TV”!


Thanks for watching and spread the word!

Lorna Rainey
Executive Producer,


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