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With Season 3 in full swing, we have a full schedule of new restaurants and new locations as well as sponsors queuing up to come on board! The unique concept coupled with the personalities of the cast and unlimited potential of the project has lots of people interested in taking this to TV. To add to that excitement, just as our season was starting, the NY Daily News did an article about CHTV which was edited and re-posted to over 25 other websites and blogs. Our Season 3 premiere was big news! Google us…it’s out there!
Our aspiring teen chefs are adjusting to being under pressure in the kitchens and in front of the camera…not only during the CHTV shoots, but they’ve been interviewed on cable TV twice too. As we grow and expand, we Thank You for your continued support and encouragement, without which nothing we do would matter. Please spread the word and like us on Facebook. Stay tuned because as we’ve always said, “You never know what (or where) we’ll be cooking next!”
Executive Producer:
Lorna Rainey

Click here for the new cast intro mini-movie

Current Webisode - Goodfella's Pizza