Welcome to the world of Culinary High. Many years ago, television brought Julia Child into our homes and elevated food preparation to an art form. Today, one TV network is dedicated to all aspects of food, making a whole new generation of chefs household names and megastars. But who are the next big names in culinary? And how can you become one of them? Our students wondered the same thing and our cameras document their everything but ordinary quest for culinary success.

As we begin our third season, we bid farewell to Jessie and Nashota who both received full scholarships to Culinary Institute of America. They will be studying baking and pastry. You can relive their time with us by clicking on the Past Webisodes tab...and you'll pick up on some tasty recipes there too!

CULINARY HIGH TV follows the (mis)adventures four NYC High School students who dish about contemporary Life in NYC, music, TV, music, their own dreams and aspirations...and of course, food. They are ready and they are focused. Tune in for new webisodes as Abdoulaye, Chy'Ann, Giandelly and Miche learn kitchen tips from some of the best chefs in the industry.

Current Webisode - Goodfella's Pizza

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