S2. 01.

Chef Boris is not only a great celebrity chef and caterer, he’s also a great teacher. Follow along as he takes Jessie and Nashota step by step through the preparation of this easy, quick, nutritious, low-cal recipe. The girls had a lot of fun making it, the result was delicious and clean-up was a breeze. He taught them some new cooking tips which will help them in culinary for years to come. Both of our girls will graduate from high school this year and both have been accepted to the Culinary Schools of their choice. Congratulations girls! But we’ll have a few more kitchen adventures for them before they leave us. Don’t forget to click on the recipe tab at the end of each episode for all the recipes the girls have made with the featured chefs. And let’s wish Boris luck as he embarks on his new career as an actor. But until he’s a big star, he’s still available to cater your event through Gotham Catering Company.

“Chef Boris”
Click here for a recipe from Chef Boris.
Boris and the girls.


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