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Goodfella’s Pizza

Goodfella’s Pizza

When someone suggested I shoot an episode of Culinary High TV at Goodfella's Pizza on Staten Island, I wondered…what's so special about it that we should travel all the way there? This is New York and there are pizza shops on almost every block. Most of them are good because competition is so stiff and New Yorkers know good pizza. But once I heard that their special pies had won National and International Awards, I decided that this was worth the trip. Wow! We were not disappointed. If anything, they were even better than advertised. First of all, Scott and Andrew have been making, creating and perfecting their recipes for over 25 years. Their expertise is so well-known that people come from all over the country and the world(!) to learn the art of pizza making at their on-site 'pizza school'! Their expertise was on full display as they taught Miche and Mika some of their secrets. And shared with us that one of the reasons their pizzas are always perfect is that they have a custom-built, rotating oven which cooks the pies evenly in 2 ½ minutes. It's amazingly fast. And you'll see how quickly the pizzas go from raw dough to ready-to-serve. If you've ever wanted to know how to make great pizza, you've gotta watch the pros in action. Or, if you're in New York, you can just go to Goodfella's Pizza and taste for yourself. If you want variety, they've got steak, veal, pasta, salads, seafood…all your Italian favorites served Goodfella's style.

Goodfella’s Pizza is located at 1718 Hylan Boulevard. Staten Island, NY 10305 718/987-2422

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